So it begins

At 43, I suddenly found myself in Singletown: Population me. Wah wah…

I will avoid the sordid details and just say I haven’t been single in about 15 years. I existed in domestic bliss pre-Tinder and before online dating was a thing. My last relationship was over before it ended, so I will just hit the ground running. I have single friends so I’m familiar with “swiping right” and “ghosting”. I’m a monogamous kind of girl so the radical fucking for one night isn’t for me. How to wade through it all and come out on top?

I’m picky in real life. I can’t imagine whether dating on Tinder, or Bumble or Hinge is going to exacerbate that issue. I imagine it will. Swiping right and seeing people’s photos without them knowing is like a sneak peek into someone’s private life.

I decided my first attempt at dating will be Tinder. I’m a flight attendant, so I have spoken to many who found their significant other on Tinder. It seems like a good starting point. I don’t have to create that daunting one liner that will make people pick me. I mean I could write something, but I’m not going to. I just have to show my face (that’s the easy part). Let the swiping begin…

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