Day 1

I realistically just downloaded the thing (Tinder). Swiped left twice and then had the whole, “am I really ready for this” conversation with myself. So much for hitting the ground running. I hit the ground and stalled like a 1992 Ford Fiesta. I put my phone away and did something trivial. Then I went to work for a few days. Being a flight attendant my thoughts are I can’t be swiping on Tinder while I am away from home base. How much work would it be to meet a man that was in California or even Texas when I was all the way on the East Coast? I guessed maybe someone 200 miles away might work. Who was I kidding? I was on 24 hour ready reserve, which in the airline industry means you’re not going to have a boyfriend honey. You are married to your aircraft and whatever crew you get to fly with that day or the next 4 days. So perhaps I could get back to this dating app when I had less to do. Maybe I wasn’t ready at all. I can barely write a cover letter for an employer touting my attributes, how am I going to write a catchy one liner?  Sigh… lemme put this shit down.

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