Did Michael Man Up?

I wake up the next day and Michael has actually initiated a message. It’s a simple “Hey what’s up”. Sometimes I worry if a message is too clever that the man is trying too hard or hiding something.  I want a simple man honestly.  I respond with something in kind. The conversation flows. He actually seems nice. He’s not asking for photos of my tits or being inappropriate. After a couple of days exchange, I give the man my number. Why not? He didn’t pressure me for it. I’m invested in this thing at this point, at least on a curiosity level. This man is interesting. He tells me he’s a cop. I used to be in Law Enforcement. If I’m going to meet someone from the Internet then let it be an LEO. I could still end up in a body bag, but at least it wouldn’t be a botched job.

Michael converses with me like a human. He remembers my weird schedule and things I’ve said before. He asks me questions. He seems interested without being freakishly interested. I try hard to explain my life. I’m a flight attendant on reserve. I have 10 days off a month, but I’m on 24 hour call the other days, but I never know where I might be. These people can call me at 2 am and I have to be at my airport by 5 am. There is also “the list”. Dependent on my position on the list I could get called but maybe not. See? I get tired just typing this shit out. I’m confusing myself over here and I halfway know what I’m talking about. It took me a year to even know what I’m trying to tell this man to figure out in a few days. I figure since he does shift work (midnights no less) he can somewhat comprehend how hard it is to schedule things? He has Friday-Sundays off. I may never see a weekend off for the next 3-4 years. Then I have, I’m still kind of commuting to Florida but… does he need to know that?

Internet dating I think you have to establish boundaries? I don’t want a one night stand; he doesn’t want a one night stand. We send selfies to verify the other person is real. He is open about his life and where he is and what he’s doing. He has a daughter. I have no idea how to deal with that, but we just started so I can’t even think that far ahead. Let’s face it, my age group is going to be full of children. I will have to figure it out. I do notice he uses a SnapChat filter when he takes some of his photos. I kind of like my men manly, but we overlook things right ladies? I’m trying to be more open and less judgy. I’m a gay man trapped in a woman’s body.

#tindertoreallife #allthemessages #figuringoutdating #internetdating #establishingboundaries #tinder

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