Steadily plodding

I admittedly like talking to the guy. I’m a picky bitch and it’s hard to even kind of impress me. I know I’m going to hear from him every day and he is very open about his life and what he’s doing. Most of my exes were secretive if you break it down. I’m secretive kind of, so maybe that’s why I got stuck in the secrecy pattern. I don’t hide things from people but if someone asks about my day and I stopped at Wal-Mart, I’m probably going to leave that out. I feel like that’s my personal time and isn’t necessarily something I need to share. If someone asks if I went to Walmart, then I will tell them. Otherwise that piece of my day isn’t yours to have. It might be a Scorpio thing?

I’m nosy so I like to know everything. The person who tells nothing…likes to know everything. I have Facebook stalked of course. I figured out his last name from a selfie he sent in his uniform. #insertinnocentshrughere. I see his ex wife and his daughter. Beautiful daughter. Ex wife is meh. But she mothered his children so there is something he loved #insertanothershrug. A few selfies from a few years ago he seems a little dorky but the man has kind eyes. Like he’s a muscle guy but he has a heart? Hopefully.

I’m not sure how this man is going to have time for a woman. My schedule aside he doesn’t seem to get much rest. He gets up early to take his daughter to soccer, and to the pool and to cheer leading. He takes her out for ice cream after her games. It’s a great sign he is a good dad; however I’m seeing no time for him to spare. I’m not in a hurry right now… slow motion for me.

All bullshit aside we need to meet. Let’s get my stupid schedule and his stupid schedule to match up just once.

#needtomeet #internetmeetup #tindering101 #madstalking

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