First Date Panda Shirt

So I finally get a break in my unstable schedule.  Michael has an off duty assignment watching a building so we agree to maybe meet. I’m not really stressing it because I wanted to go to the pool and we had something similar come up once where his daughter’s soccer game interfered. I’m also not getting my hopes up because Scheduling still hasn’t given me a trip, and if it has a check-in before noon I’m going to bed. Just how it is.

Uhhh…so no trip until 2 p.m. He calls me. He wants to meet me. We can’t text forever. I’m in a bit of a panic now.

I have no dating clothes. I have a black shirt that shows my cleavage. It has a tiny panda on it. Maybe not tiny… maybe more average in size with the panda.  First adult dating meet and greet in a panda shirt? I sent SOS to my best friends and heard nothing. Granted, I only gave them the 20 minutes notice that I had. PANICKING. A fucking panda shirt? The panda is small, but regardless it’s still a panda. Jeans. I should just wear jeans. I can’t sweat this anymore. If this man can’t handle my panda obsession then he isn’t for me. I love pandas so much. Everyone knows it.

My roommates were gone. No one is answering the phone. I need to drive the 30 minute drive. I thought what the hell. I’m wearing it. So off I went.

My best friend, S, did call. She thought I was dying (I mean maybe texting “SOS 911” was a little dramatic but it’s how I felt). Nah girl, just a dating disaster. My best friend, R, also pulled through. He talked me down all the way to the place I was going which is about 40 minutes, but I somehow made it in 30ish. He took the man’s name down and I shared my location on my Iphone. Hopefully if he killed me R would find me and vindicate my untimely death.  I texted Michael that I was there and he told me to go to the back and park by his car.

As a side note, I sweat a lot normally because I’m always hot. I have black leather interior. I am so nervous but I’m trying to be cool. I mean I’m in jeans and a fucking panda shirt. Just show that you’re cool enough to not give a fuck. He’s walking down the stairs he says… and I really need to stop sweating. Like for real. He opens the door… and

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