The Blip

After the kiss to end all kisses, he actually checks to make sure I made it home. That kiss fucked my world up for a minute because we definitely had that chemistry thing. That spark. At this point it’s possibly just lust (well probably) because that’s how things go. I haven’t had sex for so long maybe I need to step back and think about this one. The man just put me in heat though. I believe firmly in pheromones. I have no reason to believe he won’t text me the next day. After all, I’m not yet in tune with dating in the digital age.  Give me time, and I’m sure I will get there.  I’ve always met my people in person through friends or work. He does shoot me a text the next day acknowledging that our kiss was hot and simultaneously remembering my schedule. I find that sweet, because my ex barely remembered anything I said or did in the past year.

Because he put me in heat, every man in the airport is looking at me. I had to fend off my 27 year old coworker (figures I would work with the only straight male in my base that was almost two decades my junior ) after that encounter. The coworker wanted in my panties without a doubt. I totally blame Michael for these turn of events. I mean I’m not bad for my age, but still. Pheromones are real y’all.  Fending off someone 20 years your junior and countless males in the airport and on the aircraft are one thing… c’mon.

While I was on my layover there was a mass shooter. It ended up being a female that was shooting from a rooftop during a marathon, with no injuries but still scary.  The streets were blocked off and the marathon was paused.  We ended up getting locked in the cafe we were in. I was indeed in the location at the time, but Michael texted me asking if I was OK. How sweet was that? He remembered where I was and actually cared that I was ok. So he could make out and he seemed to be kind as well. What are the odds?

I returned from my trip and our schedules became a thing again. The man is only off Friday-Sunday…. I will never see those days off. His daughter’s schedule is also pretty conflicting.  His ex-wife apparently isn’t willing to take the daughter to her therapy appointment anymore? #redflag

For me, it’s summer flying. Summer 2018 flying is proving to be a real MotherEffer (pardon my already crappy language). How am I going to work this out? Drive my car through where he works at 100 MPH so he can arrest me?

A few days later, we still haven’t aligned our schedules and our first “blip” occurs. A blip to me is when a man suddenly changes his pattern. So far Michael’s response time is 2-3 minutes max on a text. I know he’s into a serious relationship, but I cannot lie, I’m afraid of one. I have been fucked over by men almost my whole life. My “picker” is broken. They all have something broken. So when a man changes his behavior or routine, my guard automatically goes up. Maybe this one is my fault? He sends a meme with Stewie from “Family Guy”, Stewie is naked on the bed and it says, “When I get married, ima be home waiting for babe like…” I flipped out a little inside. Married? Me? Fuck! So all I could say was, “oh stewie” because I admittedly freaked out. Too much too soon. The blip is Michael doesn’t respond at all… and well into the evening of the next day I still hear nothing. Maybe my lack of enthusiasm to his meme has him thinking we aren’t on the same page. The first blip has occurred… We shall see.

#tinderrelationship #tinder #datingat40 #toosoon #pheramones

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