Tinder Fails

Steve: He’s 37 years old ladies. He is a sperm donor and is here to help us on our journey to motherhood. He indicates his offer is very real, and very serious. Steve includes a neon photo of sperms swimming to some orosphere I can only assume is my unfertilized egg. My ovaries spasmed… with grief.

Andy: This one kind of made me sad, but he put it out there. He is 43 years old and is a maid at… “self employed”. Man doesn’t have a job. He is in a very constrictive latex maid outfix that goes from head to toe. The platforms he is wearing made my feet break out in blisters in empathy. The black latex skirt he is wearing would indicate he can walk in two inch steps the entire time he is “cleaning’. I don’t have that kind of time Andy. In addition to cleaning my home, he wants to provide me with an interesting and relaxing day where I can put my feet up. Andy, again, I haven’t got that kind of time.

#tinder #tinderfails #shouldigiveup #datingonline #datingat40

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