I like to emotionally punish myself

I swiped right on someone. His name is Scott. He looks like a dad, but he’s a salt and pepper dad and honestly I haven’t got a type. He’s 6’6” and he’s retired. Maybe I need a daddy? I literally have nothing to lose with these people but time. He’s a government worker (a theme in this area). He’s 6’6”. He tells me he gets the shift life, he lived it so he can hang with it. I quickly figure out that Scott drinks quite a bit. He sends me drunk messages on Tinder (at this point I’m not giving out my number because I don’t need a graveyard of Tinder ghosts. After about two weeks, Scott realizes my life is as busy as I said it was with no bullshit attached.

I live out of a suitcase. What do people want from me? Expectations of seeing me need to be pretty low… men think they like that but they apparently do not. So many fallen off messages. I started during “summer flying” my bad.

Another one bites the dust. I unmatch you just so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

#tinderdaddy #tinder #swipedright #flightattendantlife #tinderfail #dating

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