The More the Merrier

Let’s keep them coming! I mean how bad can it get right? I have to find someone out here that isn’t crazy right? I talk to people all the time who abashedly say they met their significant others on Tinder. I’ve always been somewhat of a positive polly. So I’m going to keep going with this.

Let’s talk about Matt. I messaged Matt a couple of times and he said he dated a flight attendant prior. He knew all the right questions to ask. As soon as I said I was on reserve, I kind of lost Matt. He said “It was so sad dating her because I never knew when she was coming home. You can’t even be around for Christmas and holidays.” Well FML Matt we haven’t even met one another’s families yet or had drinks. We might hate one another as people in general. I haven’t heard from Matt for a few days. Matt seems a bit of a pussy if you’re asking.

Then there is Jake… Jake seems normal. He’s a British guy but he also lets me know he’s 200 miles away. Well fuck it all why not? This guy is smart, has a daughter and is a graphic designer. He has his own place and he seems very well off. He’s a contender. He is cool with chatting for a bit, obviously I’m flying across the country and he’s 200 miles away.

I spoke to a guy named Mike briefly. He called me at 0400 on my way to the airport and I knew everything about him in 20 minutes. I knew his car, his divorce history, that he may or may not have an illegitimate bastard son… and of course his ex-wife was crazy. He’s in the military and trains firearms at Quantico. I cannot stand the guy honestly. I’m not a big talker, and I’m also slightly ADHD so I’m not such a good listener. I made up something like, “oh I thought I was ready to date but realized I’m not.” He got the hint. Good luck buddy! You’re not for me, but I didn’t ghost him!

I’m not quite out of give a fucks yet y’all!  I swiped right at least 5 out of every 200 now!

#positivepolly #datingat40 #tinder #noghosting #somewinandsomelose #swipedright

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