Just Like That…

I get two more matches on Hinge. None of them are anyone I feel interest in. Hinge has been a complete dud in that respect. I look at Bumble. Nothing, Nothing and Nothing. Then Tinder just makes me tired. I unmatch Tinder Joe (because I’m just not that into him) and Tinder Josh (because I haven’t heard from him for a few days). I leave crybaby Gregg (I will talk about him later because he earned his own post) for some unknown reason. I also leave Michael, because Michael is a reminder to always tred carefully. Tinder Josh has stopped texting but added me on Snapchat and views my Instagram. I make posts on Instagram just to fuck with him. He looks at them every single day and likes every single post. But, he can’t text me. #inserteyerollsodramaticialmostdied

I’m not deleting the apps. I’m just logging out. No dramatics. It’s been a busy month. I’m over it.

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